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A cultural change towards DevOps

Every small change or new update threatens to unbalance the stability of each service, keeping operations engineers constantly on their toes.

That’s why DevOps Introduces a different take on these clashing concerns by bringing together IT operations and software development teams. It’s a philosophy, a set of practices and tools that increase

Introducing the role of Site Reliability Engineer

To support our philosophy, we came up with a new role. Site reliability engineers are dedicated to creating software that improves the reliability of production systems, fixing issues, responding to incidents and taking on-call responsibilities.

Your advantage?

  • Faster time to market, thanks to automated testing and implementation procedures.
  • Lowered risk because of well documented premium knowledge and insights that span the silos of the organization.
  • Stable systems, since SREs are fixing support escalation cases and routing issues to the right people and teams.
  • High availability with hosting and management platforms, designed to ben online 24/7.

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